About StJ Leather

St James Leather or StJ brings together the perfect blend of superior leather and classic craftsmanship to create affordable, high quality leather goods for men and women.

Each piece in our stunning collection is carefully hand-crafted using our founding principles of contemporary elegant designs combining style with practicality.

What We Do

StJ Leather is based in Northamptonshire, the home of leather in the heart of England. For over 400 years Northamptonshire has been famous for its leather goods and shoes using skills passed down from generation to generation. 

Blending the best craftsmanship of Britain, StJ Leather also brings you Europe’s finest as our range is complimented by artisan products hand-made in the beautiful mountains of Andalusia, Spain, in the picturesque village of Ubrique. 

StJ Leather has created a fabulous collection of affordable high quality fine leather goods.

The StJ Leather brand is all about the craftsmanship and quality with products that last.

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