Our Leather

Sourced from artisan tanneries across Europe, including Italy, Spain and Portugal, we select only the highest grade leathers ensuring every piece of leather is unique.

The craftsmanship and the quality of the leather used across the StJ range will ensure that your product will wear to a butter soft touch and yet retain its shape and design.  More often improving with use and age.


Richmond Leather

Beautiful rich smooth glossy leather which improves and softens with wear and use.  Durable and long lasting.
Available in classic plain rich Black and a warm deep conker-coloured Chestnut Brown

Croc Leather

Classic lustrous leather embossed with a large grain crocodile print, giving a high gloss luxurious finish.
Available in 3 deep tones of deep pure Black, a regal plum Purple and a violet toned Navy Blue.

Caviar Leather

A supreme quality leather embossed with a small caviar grain that has been uniquely tannery dyed to meet the specially selected pantone colours uniquely for St James Leather.
The embossing brings out 2 subtle colour tones within the leather. 
Available in our sky blue/turquoise Aqua or pretty pink/deep peach Coral.

Kensington Leather

An antique distressed premium grade soft leather with natural markings present giving individuality to each piece. 
Available in Fuchsia Pink, Shell Pink, Violet Purple, Teal Blue, Petrol Blue, Slate Blue, Ivy Green, Spring Green, Scarlet Red and Burnt Orange.  Look out for our Limited Edition colours when available.

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